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FIS wanted to build a product that would enable financial institutions to manage the many types of customer collateral it registered with credit agreements and loans.

For most of FIS Global's clients collateral management was a laborious, manual process. In a best case scenario the manual processes were accompanied by a stationary "green-screen" application to manage collateral.

8 possible users were identified for the project.

8 users

  1. Branch Manager
  2. Credit Administrator
  3. Credit Analyst
  4. Underwriter
  5. Front Office Lender
  6. Collateral Administrator
  7. Servicing User
  8. Recovery Specialist


An experience where the identified users could easily create, read, update and delete various types of collateral with relative ease was the goal. FIS also wanted an experience that would untether it's clients from the desktop if necessary to manage day to day operations.

4 epics

  1. Creating Collateral
  2. Reading Collateral
  3. Updating Collateral
  4. Deleting Collateral


3 methods were employed to establish a rhythm for the project. There was daily analysis of collateral data and reviews of deliverables with business systems analysts and product management. On a bi-weekly basis we met with senior stakeholders and pilot customers to review the output of the daily reviews.

4 deliverables were necessary. Personas were created to better understand the wants and needs of the possible users. Daily collateral data analysis helped establish a hierarchy of collateral information architecture. Wireframe flows were used to illustrate how a user might navigate through the application. A high fidelity prototype was incrementally built for bi-weekly reviews with stakeholders and pilot customers for feedback.

1 web application would need to be built.

3 methods

  1. Daily reviews with product management
  2. Bi-Weekly reviews with senior stakeholders and pilot customer representatives
  3. Daily collateral data analysis with business systems analyst

4 deliverables

  1. User personas
  2. Collateral information architecture
  3. Iterative wireframe flows
  4. Iterative conceptual prototypes

1 application

  1. Collateral Management Responsive Web Application

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