MSG Work Samples


MSG product owners and stakeholders wanted to give Knicks and Rangers fans a rich user experience while empowering their internal organization to create, review, publish and monitor dynamic content.

In the early stages of the project it was determined that there would be a variety of users across several interrelated experiences all with different needs and wants.

A persona was created for each user in order to better understand their possible needs and wants. These needs and wants would be woven into the requirements further along in the process.

8 users

  1. NY Knicks Fan
  2. NY Rangers Fan
  3. Content Viewer
  4. Content Editor
  5. Content Publisher
  6. Channel Admin
  7. Organization Admin
  8. Super Admin


After learning about all of the users needs and wants through product owners, subject matter experts and fans, 8 desired features or epics were established.

The epics required further break down into mulitple user stories for each epic. The stories would tie back to each user or group of users. The needs and wants of those users were carefully considered while creating acceptance criteria for each story.

8 epics

  1. Dynamic content management
  2. Social media integration
  3. Interactive team and player statistics
  4. Live game statistics and information
  5. MSG venue maps and information
  6. Purchase of team merchandise
  7. Purchase of E-tickets
  8. In-seat mobile food order and delivery


5 methods were employed to establish a rhythm for the project and ensure MSG's desired epics would come to life. Due to the aggressive timeline the project favored heavy communication as opposed to documentation in order to resolve issues quickly.

6 design-centric deliverables were necessary to drive what was desired. The creation of these deliverables was not always linear and more often than not required multiple iterations as priorities changed.

5 different applications would need to be designed and developed in order to meet the acceptance criteria of each story of the 5 main features of the user experience.The applications were targeted for use on phones, tablets and desktops as needed.

5 methods

  1. Daily inquiry loop with subject matter experts
  2. Ongoing sports statistics data analysis
  3. Creation of backlog user stories
  4. Prioritization of backlog user stories
  5. Bi-weekly reviews of deliverables with stakeholders

6 deliverables

  1. User personas
  2. Backlog of user stories
  3. Application maps
  4. Iterative interaction flows
  5. Iterative wireframes
  6. Iterative conceptual prototypes

5 applications

  1. NY Knicks iOS App
  2. NY Knicks Android App
  3. NY Rangers iOS App
  4. NY Rangers Android App
  5. Content Management Responsive Web App

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