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Tax Credit Co. wanted to give it's enterprise clients an easy way to view and manage Affordable Care Act information about their employees. By doing so the client could proactively remain compliant with ACA regulations and avoid Federal monetary penalties.

A variety of users would need to be able to see this information with varying levels of permission to ensure client-employee data security.

A persona was created for each user in order to better understand their possible needs and wants.

9 users

  1. Benefits Associate
  2. External Benefits Consultant
  3. Payroll Associate
  4. Human Resources Manager
  5. VP of Human Resources
  6. Finance/Tax Executive
  7. Financial Analyst
  8. External Auditor
  9. System Administrator


After learning about all of the users needs and wants through subject matter experts and and senior managers through market feedback, 7 desired features or epics were established.

7 epics

  1. Secure Login
  2. Dashboard
  3. Employee Information
  4. Recommended Actions
  5. Reports
  6. Configuration
  7. Marketplace Notices


5 methods were employed to establish a rhythm for the project and ensure Tax Credit Co.'s desired epics would be completed.

6 design-centric deliverables were necessary to drive what was desired. Personas, an application map and wireframes were used in the early stages of the project. Later on user stories were created to compliment a final annotated prototype that served as a UI guideline for the development team.

1 responsive web application would need to be designed and developed in order to meet the acceptance criteria of each story of the 7 main epics of the user experience. The application was targeted for use in tablets and desktops.

5 methods

  1. Daily reviews with subject matter experts and stakeholders
  2. ACA data analysis
  3. Creation of backlog user stories
  4. Prioritization of backlog user stories
  5. Monthly review of deliverables with stakeholders

6 deliverables

  1. User personas
  2. Backlog of user stories
  3. Application map
  4. Iterative wireframes
  5. Iterative conceptual prototypes
  6. Final annotated prototype tied to user stories in backlog

1 application

  1. ACA Portal

Screen Samples

Wireframe, Map, Flow and Persona Samples